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Vladimir Putin Loves My Homebrew!

One thing that drives me crazy about you people in the press is the way you take things I say so damned literally.

When a meteorologist on TV tells you that you’re going to get 12-18 inches of snow with blizzard conditions, do you take her literally? Why, then, are you taking me literally when I say that Canadians pose a threat to our way of life? I didn’t mean every Canadian, just the ones who pose a threat to our way of life. (Which, believe me, is a LOT of them!)

Would you take me literally if I said that Vladimir Putin has excellent taste in beer? Or that he and I spent a weekend just drinking homebrew that he and I made, while talking about how he keeps his skin in such great condition, so white and hairless? That is, he made his home brew and I made mine, and then we shared them. See, you probably thought that he and I literally made homebrew together, or actually met.

No wonder the American public is so sick of you!

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

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