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The Gospel According To Some Unidentified Guy


I’m hoping next fall to lead a group of amateur archaeological sleuths into the lands of our biblical forebears to seek out yet more gospels of the life of Jesus. Carrying pickaxes, spades, and a measure of divine inspiration, our aim is to disprove the widely-held notion that the Son of God was a carpenter. (Yeah, sure he was!)

It seems to me to be far more likely that Jesus was actually a short order cook. I have evidence of this via a vision that came to me at two in the morning, when I was in bed with my eyes closed and was snoring (OK, fine, call it a dream if you want). In this vision, Jesus gathers with his disciples at the Second-to-Last Supper and says, “Yo. I sayeth to you now: do not deny me, on the Sabbath, Adam and Eve on a Raft. And always put them in sandals, for I enjoy a picnic. What? Why are you whispering, Judas? You got something to say, say it to my face.” It was a very vivid dream. I mean vision.

(Another little-known fact that came out of that vision: Peter was the disciple who coined the diner phrase “looseners” when refering to prunes.)

Boxers or Brieves?
Not Tonight Honey, I Have A Hairache


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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Trumpian Tweetage Haiku Continuum


Trade Wars are good and

Easy to win. They get cute?

Don't trade; we win big!


Gun-adept coaches

Weapons-talented teachers

Instantly Shooting


Promote the Fake Book

Mentally Deranged Author

False Information


Now that collusion

With Russia: a total hoax



Kim Jong Un, I too

Have a nuclear button.

And my button works.


Tax cut/Reform bill

Massive Alaska Drilling

Incredible Year


United Nations

Sanctions on North Korea

World wants Peace, not Death


False Accusations.

Women I don't know. FAKE NEWS!

Collusion. Russia.


Army Navy Game





He's bad on Crime, Life, Border.



Time Magazine Called

Prob'ly "Person of the Year"

I took a pass. Thanks!


The Christmas Story

Mother, Father, Baby Son

Jesus Christ. Bahrain.


Matt Lauer just fired

When will top executives

Be fired for Fake News? 

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