Today, I will let the rest of the world blog about Prince. Most people on the other side of your computer screen know a lot more about him than I do anyway, so why eat up your valuable time saying things on this site that you haven’t already heard elsewhere? (In fact, shouldn’t you be doing something more productive right now?)

One thing before you go: I believe that somewhere down in my basement, where I play the few vinyl records I still have, is the Prince album 1999. Moreover, it turns out I was around in 1999 as a full-fledged member of the adult community, and had the opportunity to party that year like Prince expected me to.

But what hasn’t been fully investigated is this: who partied harder, Prince or me? I would guess me, since I was given two weeks of unexpected paid vacation as the final days of 1999 wound down and would certainly have taken the opportunity to party. Meanwhile, Prince was a notoriously hard working musical genius who might not have had an unexpected two weeks off during which to party like it was 1999 even though it was, at last, 1999.

Another question: who hoarded more water, soap, and toilet paper in preparation for the huge meltdown that was to come via the Y2K bug, Prince or me? I would guess Prince, as he had a rather large estate and needed more of all that stuff than I did.

OK, I think it’s time for you to leave now and learn something new and interesting about Prince. Report back, please.