Last Friday, I got an e-mail from MLB: “You’ve been chosen! Get a magazine, blanket & bonus gifts.” I don’t get chosen for things very often – or so I thought!   A review of my e-mail shows that I’ve been chosen by MLB six times in the last 2 or so years. Always, they want to give me my free gifts. They apparently have a glut of blankets and magazines and assume (incorrectly) that I don’t have the same. Just look under my desk and you’ll see the pile of New Yorkers and Harpers I can’t get through, as well as pristine issues of Rolling Stone, thanks to a subscription I never asked for, which I am constantly threatened with losing if I don’t act now. As for blankets, I have retained several generations of these hand-me-downs in bins for when I one day paint the interior walls of my house and need drop cloths. But wait, MLB is offering unspecified “bonus gifts”? How do I not take that deal?