When was the last time you used two question marks to end a sentence when only one was needed??

Some may argue that the vast majority of interrogatives never need more than one question mark, but aren’t those people simply unwilling to get out of their comfort zones vis-à-vis using question marks??? Or are you of the opinion that using several question marks makes it seem like you're exasperated with someone????

Also for people who’ve been told by their lawyer that they are in danger of insufficiently punctuating their writing maybe because they just don’t know when to use commas to set off phrases or parenthesis to indicate asides using multiple exclamation points is a great way to get your punctuation count up!!!!

Here’s what I think; don’t use a semicolon in place of a colon.

And never add a couple of extra dots to a period unless you want the reader to think that your thought is unfished or something…