In this film, the main character will get a job at some flunky company in the greater Boston area and will encounter a co-worker with a chip on his shoulder. Chip, the co-worker, hates the main character because he’s a “college boy”, which to Chip means he has every advantage in life, though in reality it just means the main character is in debt up to his eyeballs and will probably spend the rest of his life sharing apartments with other in-debt college grads. One day, Chip decides that it would be hilarious to put super-glue on the pedals of the college boy’s bicycle just before he gets on it, such that his shoes are glued to the pedals. This means that the college can’t boy stop pedaling, sort of like how Keanu Reeves can’t slow down the bus in that dumb Sandra Bullock vehicle “Speed.”

OK, I realize that there is a difference between a bus needing to go at least 70 m.p.h. or else it will explode, and a nutty prank such as super-gluing shoes to bike pedals. But just imagine if you were the guy on the bike. You can’t really stop because how do you balance? (Denouement, the biker spends days on the bike, running red lights and nearly getting killed, until he becomes incredibly talented at balancing, like one of those 20-something dudes you see stopped at red lights who still manages to stay mounted on his cycle.)

Question: Will he have a love interest, and will they make out and so forth while riding bikes? (Should make an excellent montage!)