You think you can only get yourself a giant wind turbine to power your local community or family compound by applying for permits, hiring lawyers to fight wealthy private interests with oceanfront property, and doing extensive environmental studies, but that’s because you’re thinking inside the box. I picked up my windmill without going through all that BS.

The secret is to attend one of the many wind turbine trade shows that are cropping up all over this great country of ours, the greatest country in the world! Not the greatest country literally – Russia and Canada are a technically “greater” in terms of land area – but great like, “Dude, you can buy weed in Colorado now. What a great country!” Wait, that would be an example of Colorado being a great state. (But not as great as Texas, in terms of land mass.)

Anyway, I went to one of these tradeshows and met a guy who was only too happy to sell me a turbine and all the parts (they give you a little discount by bundling all the gear together, including the post that the turbine sits on, as well as 30,000 man hours of labor erecting the thing).

To answer the obvious question in your head, yes I needed a license, but no background check or waiting period were required.