If you own a styptic pencil as I do, you’ve probably staunched quite a few wounds in your day. You were shaving and cut your lip or some other body part, or you had an accident with the chain saw and, uh-oh, now where is that arm?

What ever happened to that first styptic pencil you owned? Did you throw it out? Or are you maybe still using it, as I’m using mine, because as anyone who’s ever had a styptic pencil knows, they're impossible to fully use up. If you still have yours, would you mind if I borrowed it?

I just so happens that I’m on a committee (chair of the committee, actually) that is exploring the possibility of establishing a museum that will display famous people’s used styptic pencils. You and I might well be included among the famous people whose trusty razor-kit coagulants are offered up for the world to see, which is (if you didn’t realize it) a sort of art. Weird art, yes, but art nevertheless.

You might be wondering what makes the two of us famous enough to have a museum request the honor of hosting our styptic pencils. I’m famous because I was the chair of an exploratory committee. You’re famous because you’re the only person reading my blog.

Wait, don’t go! I was just going to see if you wanted to go out for a beer.