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Little Nipper

You’re at a meeting at 10 in the morning, and your colleague suddenly pulls out a flask and takes a haul. What do you do?

What does anyone do? None of you on staff in your combined 300+ years of office experience has ever encountered a co-worker flask-nipping in a meeting during normal work hours. Everyone looks at each other with consternation. Brows are knitted furiously. Is someone going to confront this guy about his drinking issues?

But no one has the guts. And so he keeps on doing it, even in meetings with The Big Boss, who is too nonplussed to know what to say. It goes on and on, with the co-worker drinking from his flask at all hours of the day, at his desk, at lunch, before heading home on his donkey-rickshaw (environmentally friendly, you think? Do you have any clue how much methane each mule and donkey produces each year?). He’s such a goofy dude that on those rare occasions when you all get a drink after work, a beer or two doesn’t seem to make him any looser than he seems during a regular day at the office. But generally speaking, beside his taking regular hauls off the flask and following up with flamboyant, Doc Holliday-esque tubercular coughing fits as he chokes down the liquid, the slugging doesn’t seem to negatively affect his performance. There are even clandestine sobriety tests, as office mates drop papers in front of him to see if he’ll stumble when helping to pick them up. He doesn’t.

The colleague dies one day and his desk is cleaned out, whereupon the flask, hidden in his bottom drawer, empty, is available to be analyzed. Advanced assays are run, whereupon it’s discovered that there is no sign of moonshine inside the flask, but instead ultra high-test French roast coffee (cold brew).

If you're willing to play the flask nipper, I'll outfit you with the means of surreptitiously recording people's reactions at your office job. It'll be a riot! Then, we'll project the recordings onto the west side of my house from dusk to dawn every day so that people walking down the street after dark will be treated to performance art.

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Observatory Ale

Whenever I look for a new place to move into, which I do pretty much every day, I always make sure there’s some extra space – a loft above the garage, an old barn, an observatory from which I can view the worlds beyond – that I might convert to a guest house.

Or an ale factory. Let’s be realistic: I know much more about beer than I know about guests. Shouldn’t I have room in my new place to spend time on something I’m intimately familiar with, like ale, instead of something I know little about, such as guests? Your answer, I suppose, depends on whether you would rather to be a guest of mine or drink my beer.

I know what you’re thinking: don’t you serve your beer to your guests? Yes I do. But frankly, I’d rather make them pay for it.

You see where I’m going with this. I need to schedule a smackdown between the marketing arms of my beer and guest operations to see which can create a more lucrative-sounding business plan. Once I take stock of that information, the rest will be easy. It’s not like properties with private observatories that can be converted to brew houses are so hard to find.


Come And Observe My Ale

Come Observe Me Making Ale

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Odd Stuff

The steaming bowl of scallops arrives amid oohs and aahs. Placed between the two patrons, with accompaniments of crusty bread and chopped up things, this is an easily shared appetizer. The scallops are the size of hockey pucks, kings of edible bivalves when set against wimpy little mussels and clams. “I’m glad we didn’t order the salad as well,” says one of the customers, nibbling. Yes, who would want all those extra calories?

Soon, a dilemma arises: the scallops number only three. An even number of puckish hunks of sea meat would have been easier to divide; now these two will have to arm wrestle for the remaining disk. Says one of patrons to the waiter, “Can we order another scallop?”

“Another order?” he suggests.

“No, another scallop. There are only 3 so we can’t split the dish evenly.”

The waiter’s face barely betrays his bemusement (or is befuddlement?). He complies with the request, though it’s easy to see that he’s thinking, “Christ, they weigh half a pound each. Can’t you just cut one of them in half?”

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Pretty Ridiculous Things

One night this past December, the rumor mill informed me that the Somerville, MA-based beer brewery Pretty Things would be closing shop.

I loudly guffawed as I always do when I hear something too absurd to be true, waking my slumbering children upstairs as well as several babies in the neighborhood with my melodramatic explosions of laughter, shaking my head vigorously at the preposterousness of it all, ending the laugh session with a chortle and a few trailing snorts as I wiped away tears of laughter.

Once in control of my senses, I followed up the laughter with a few indignant harrumphs. “Someone is spreading stupid lies!”

Pretty Things was the responsible party behind one of my all-time favorite beverages, Jack D’or, a “Saison Americaine.” I’m not saying that Jack D’or was one of my favorite local brews, or one of my favorite farmhouse ales. I’m saying it was one of my all-time favorite beers of any kind. And it was soon to be gone forever!

I went out to the Macy’s in West Roxbury to stock up, but my beer guy gave me the bad news: “They’re all gone. No more of the Jack D’or for you, my friend. Thanks for all the bottles you bought these last several years. Now run along like a good boy.” (Slight embellishment.)

Is this what it feels like when your favorite obscure insect becomes extinct? Jack D’or was a bright and happy beer, sharp and crisp, a little spicy, a little tangy, a mouthful of flavor from the first to the last sip of the 22 oz. bomber bottles they came in, all acheived without slapping you in the face with hops. To give you a sense of how much I loved Jack D’or, I’ve made a few lame attempts at cloning it, and then gave up, telling myself to make my own beer instead of trying to replicate the perfect saison.

My beer guy surmised that the reason Pretty Things closed shop was because they were blackballed by Boston bars for calling a few out for the illegal practice of requiring distributors to pay for tap space. The owner of Bukowski’s Pub was quoted in the Boston Globe as saying that Pretty Things had “an inferior product” at its cost.

More excessive laughter. A Jack D’or used to run me $5.99 for a 22 oz. bottle, whereas Hennepin (another great Saison by the Ommegang people in Cooperstown) costs more like $11.99. Favorite beer plus low price doesn’t equal inferior product at its cost.

I’d say that I’m never going to set foot in Bukowskis again, but they won’t miss me, since I’ve had maybe one beer there my whole life. Not to mention that after the Red Sox won the world series in 2004, they denied entry to a certain acerbic high school principal I know because he was emotionally exhausted.

Anyway, I suppose I have the moral duty to take up the Petty Things mantle and start brewing farmhouse ales for public consumption. Stay tuned.

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Trumpian Tweetage Haiku Continuum



It's unlimited
Presidential harrassment
Dems are going nuts!


Isn't it nice when
Countries help rebuild neighbors?
Thanks to Saudi A!


The Harvey Weinstein Story
Look at their license?


Republican Congressmen
Two wins now in doubt.


Dems love Sessions now
Same thing: lyin' James Comey
Saint-like. Really sick.


Russia: "nothing to
do with meddling." Why isn't
Hillary looked at?


The Special Counsel
I’ve done nothing wrong



The phony witch hunt

The soon to be released book
Looks like a big hit


Fake News Media

Together with the witch hunt:

My best poll numbers


“Caravans” coming

Must go nuclear option.



We don’t have a wall

Not going to have a country



Trade Wars are good and

Easy to win. They get cute?

Don't trade; we win big!


Gun-adept coaches

Weapons-talented teachers

Instantly Shooting


Promote the Fake Book

Mentally Deranged Author

False Information


Now that collusion

With Russia: a total hoax



Kim Jong Un, I too

Have a nuclear button.

And my button works.



Tax cut/Reform bill

Massive Alaska Drilling

Incredible Year



United Nations

Sanctions on North Korea

World wants Peace, not Death



False Accusations.

Women I don't know. FAKE NEWS!

Collusion. Russia.


Army Navy Game





He's bad on Crime, Life, Border.




Time Magazine Called

Prob'ly "Person of the Year"

I took a pass. Thanks!


The Christmas Story

Mother, Father, Baby Son

Jesus Christ. Bahrain.


Matt Lauer just fired

When will top executives

Be fired for Fake News? 

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