The fact is, if I ran ads that got in your face and clogged up your ears and nose, I’d probably make a few pennies here and there. But do you really think I’m willing to threaten our delicate (and rather one-way) relationship by thwacking you over the head with commercials about foot powder? Even if it means I could earn about 10 or so dollars a year doing it? Give me more credit than that! If I can’t earn at least $100 a year, forget about it.

I still hope to earn many awards before I die at 150 or so years old, not just for my many unsung and perhaps invisible humanitarian efforts, but also for scientific discoveries that will extend human life to such lengths that the crowded earth won't be able to take it anymore, and you can be absolutely certain that I'll use every social media tool in my arsenal to get you to finally take notice.

Thank you for visiting, and come back soon!